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Coronavirus Update - Now Open!

We are happy to announce that Beech Lane Dental Care has reopened for all forms of dentistry treatment.

Prash, Ritu and Emma are working their normal hours and carrying out all forms of treatment. We would like to reassure you that the safety of our patients and staff remain our top priority. We have carried out all the risk assessments and completed staff training. We have all the PPE required to reopen. As a Practice we have decided not to charge our patients for any of the additional PPE.

The whole team is looking forward to welcome you back.


Do you feel unhappy about the appearance of your teeth but fearful at the prospect of wearing visible metal braces? Rest assured, Beech Lane Dental Care have the perfect solution. With Invisalign, our team can help you show off your smile without showing off your braces!

The importance of a straight smile

Whether you’re socialising with friends or attending an important meeting at work, the appearance of your smile is important. A beautiful set of straight teeth helps you relax and feel confident, but if you don’t like your smile then you’re more likely to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. Many people believe that braces will only cause further insecurity, but Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, so you’ll be straightening your smile in secret!

What does Invisalign do?

At Beech Lane Dental Care we use Invisalign to treat a variety of orthodontic problems, including:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps in the smile
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overbites
  • Crossbites

Traditionally, these problems could only be treated with highly visible, fixed braces. Understandably, this might raise objections about having treatment, but this convenient system is removable, clear and comfortable, so your lifestyle doesn’t need to change at all.

The treatment process

Invisalign treatment at Beech Lane Dental Care begins with a consultation. At this point we will carry out a full examination, talk to you about your desired outcome and work up a digital model of your treatment. From this, you’ll be able to map out your orthodontic journey and see the end result before your aligners are even prepared! Once you’re happy with the plan, we’ll get to work creating your custom-made aligners.

Your aligners must be worn in a specific order and you’ll need to move on to the next one in the set every two weeks. Each one will be slightly different to the last as they gradually guide your teeth into the desired position. We’ll invite you back to the practice every couple of months so we can keep an eye on your progress.

The benefits

The biggest benefits of Invisalign orthodontic treatment are:

  • Removability: you can eat all your favourite foods without worrying about them sticking to your brace. Oral hygiene will also be hassle-free as you can take the brace out to brush and floss.
  • Virtual invisibility: you don’t need to worry about how the braces will affect your appearance, as nobody will be able to see them!
  • Comfort: these braces are far more comfortable than traditional systems as they’re made of smooth plastic instead of sharp metal, so there’s less chance of gum irritation.

If you’re looking for a discreet way to transform your smile and your confidence, book an Invisalign consultation at Beech Lane Dental Care today!

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No more gaps and stabilise your loose dentures

Replace Missing Teeth

Teeth Straightening

Latest invisible & fast braces. Excellent results

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